List of (nearly) all Boss HM-2 inspired Pedals

During the research for my (early 2018) Boss HM-2 comparison video, i asked myself which HM-2 Clones are currently in existence.
I’ve searched the web and social media and came up with this list.
If there is a new one, or if i have missed one, please contact me: Cheers. The Interface.

exact or close clones

- Boss HM-2 MIJ
- Boss HM-2 MIT
- Behringer HM-300
- Arion Metal Master
- KMA Audio Machines WURM
- Decibelics Angry Swede
- Wren and Cuff Hangman-2D
- Dunn Effects Hierophant HM-2
- Dunwich Amps HM-2 Clone
- Dunwich Amps Nihilist
- Dunwich Amps Tyrant
- Dunwich Amps HMC
- Abominable Effects Throne Torcher
- Enormous Door Left Hand Path
- Anarchy Audio Deadwoods
- Anarchy Audio Bloodwork
- Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath
- Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath Deluxe
- Lone Wolf Audio Texas chainsaw 1.0 / 2.0
- Lone Wolf Audio Dictator 1 Knob LHW
- Inverted Cross Audio HM-2
- Ground FX HM-2
- JD Music Labs SDM
- Earthbound Audio Throat Locust
- DOD American Metal
- DOD Super American Metal
- XIX tech HMD-1
- TC Electronic Eyemaster
- Sleeping Dog FX clone
- Rocktek Metal Worker
- Mammoth Machine Coffin
- Pepers Pedals HM-too many clones
- Lichtlaerm Audio HM-2 Clone
- Electric Roots The Contagion
- Bear Hampton’s HMT-2
- Airis Effects Merciless Distortion
- transmutationdevices Crustifixion
- Ellman Tone Shark Distortion
- Kink pedals oath of the goat
- Oliver HM-20 Heavy Metal

HM-2 ish Pedals

- Walrus Audio RED
- IdiotBox Effects Dungeon Master
- ANARCHY AUDIO MT-2 with Chainsaw-Mod
- Klirrton Grindstein
- Abominable Electronics Evil Ned
- Dunn Effects Death Knob HM-2 EQ Blender
- Mxr Fullbore Metal
- LWA 8 Ball EQ
- SMB Circle H
- SMB Absolute Unit
- Mammoth Machine Coffin
- Boss JB-2 angry driver
- Boss OD-20 Drive Zone (digital multi-effect with an HM-2 option)

DIY solutions

- Dunwich Amps HM-2 Kit
- Pepers`Pedals HM too many clones
- The Swede by BYOC
- AION Graviton
- Pedal PCB Promethium Distortion
- Helvete by Grindcustomsfx
- Swedish chainsaw cubed by the3secondrule
- Musikding HM-2 Clone
- diyguitarpedals Swedish Chainsaw
- GCI Murdock (blendable HM-2 EQ Section)
- tagboardeffects

unverified Informations i got via E-Mail:

early 90s Russian clones:
- Union RS67 Rockmaster
- Sound JS HM-5
- Sound JS AM-5

last update: september 2019